Robo-Advisors and Quantitative Funds

Robo Advisors and Quantitative Funds are a force to be recognised in today’s wealth and asset management industry. Combining our strengths and know how in Fund Accounting, Operations and Compliance Support we can help asset managers handle the non-investment operations concerning Robo Advisors and Quantitative Funds. We can combine our industry knowledge with the nuances of the operations of such funds to provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of regulators, fund administrators and investors for a suited approach to Robo Advisors and Quantitative Funds. We can further design tailored Internal Controls within the algorithmic and technical boundaries of the robo-advisory and quantitative functions to enhance investor confidence and provide fall backs on automated decisions with sufficient control mechanisms. Our team has experience in running quantitative funds and in developing trading algorithms and understand the regulatory landscape and investors expectation hence we can strike a balance between automation and controls to enhance the asset manager’s flexibility.